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It is very important that an optometrist or optician sees you at regular intervals to monitor your progress and examine your eyes and check any lenses you might have. We want you to enjoy and protect your vision today and in the future.

Regular examinations and eye tests offer you the best chance of continuing in good health with good vision.

That is why we strive to use only the best procedures and equipment, with the most modern methods to ensure your continued good optical health.

eye health

If you are one of today’s “older adults” you probably enjoy a more active lifestyle than people of your age ever have before. Your eyes and vision play a major role in your lifestyle. You use your eyes while driving; enjoying recreational activities; reading; watching television; and performing many tasks that keep you living independently and productively. But, as you mature, you may begin noticing subtle changes in your vision. Although they may cause some concern, some vision changes are normal and only a few conditions are sight threatening.

children’s eyecare

Eye examinations for children are very important, but especially if they appear to be having problems, for example, squinting to read from a blackboard in class. It is particularly important to spot and deal with eye problems before they become serious. We also stock a selection of optical frames specially designed for children. Intended to make wearing glasses fun – the days of the traditional NHS specs are long gone! – the shapes are easy to wear, the colours dazzling, and every frame is made to the highest quality, with the emphasis on durability and safety.

the human eye

retinal camera

As an addition to our consulting room equipment, we now have a new Retinal Camera.

This is a digital camera with a docking station linked to a main computer, which takes a high definition, wide angle image of your retina, ie the back of your eye.

In this way we are able to monitor this vitally important area which allows us to have a better understanding of the general health of your eyes. The images are stored on the computer to be compared with those taken at future examinations.

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