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frames, including designer frames

At A.R.Baker Opticians our best advert is the spectacles that our patients wear, if you look good we feel good. The style of spectacles worn can say as much about a persons personality as say a new hairstyle or outfit, therefore, it is important to choose a style that is best suited to your own individual style. With this in mind, we carefully choose a wide range of frames suitable for all our patients needs and requirements.

Our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians  are on hand to advise you on the style, fit and suitability of the frame to your face shape and prescription requirements. We understand that you need a frame as unique as you are and whatever your budget requirements, we can offer a wide choice of frames for everyone.

That is why we carry a huge selection of frames for all the family are constantly updating the choice available to ensure the latest styles are always available from classical shapes to the latest designer trends. Spectacles today are a high fashion item. Our experienced management team regularly visit the European eyewear fashion exhibitions in France, Germany and Italy to ensure that our frame range is at the forefront of fashion.

In today’s fashion scene the must have frames are bold coloured plastics available in colours ranging from pretty pastel to solid blacks, tortoiseshells, reds and greens. If the bold look doesn’t appeal to your own personal taste then there is always the latest minimalist frames. Frames are now getting smaller, narrower and almost disappearing from view with the latest rimless styles.

The recent technological advances in frame manufacturing are also providing wider choices for spectacle wearers. Dupont first produced Titanium for general use in 1948 and there are plenty of good reasons why it has become popular in frame manufacturing. Titanium is the lightest material available in frame manufacturing to date providing greater comfort to the spectacle wearer with the high elasticity factor making the frames extremely flexible and harder to break. Titanium frames are both corrosion and abrasion resistant therefore greatly improving frame life span and a hardness ten times that of an ordinary gold plated frame.

Many frame collections now feature super light weight materials such as titanium, lightweight sprung steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. These feel “so light you will forget you’re wearing them”.

  • JeffBanksGlass
  • VogueGlass
  • OakleyGlass
  • VersaceGlass
  • RayBanGlass

eco collection

An important collection is our excellent value and very popular “ECO” complete ‘frame and lens’ range, which has a good number of styles for men and women with prices starting from:

  • £39.00 with standard single vision lenses
  • £89.00 with standard bifocal lenses
  • £99.00 with standard varifocal lenses


It is generally believed that all spectacle lenses are the same. At A.R.Baker Opticians we believe in offering choice, so we do not limit you to just one or two lens types. At the last count there were nearly 100 different lens combinations available, including over 50 different types of thinner and lighter lenses and 25 types of varifocals from major brands such as Varilux, Zeiss, Sola, Pentax, Rodenstock, Nikon & Kodak.

With such a selection, you need good advice from people who know the intricacies of each type, so they can recommend the best lens for your individual needs. It’s also no longer prudent to simply order the same same type of lenses you previously wore. There have been marvellous improvements in lens materials and lens designs, many of which didn’t even exist a year or two ago.

contact lenses

We provide a full contact lens fitting service, including after care and advice. Our staff will first check that you are suitable for contact lenses then discuss with you which type is best for your eyes, lifestyle and budget.

There are several options open to you including daily, weekly and monthly disposable lenses, toric lenses, gas permeable lenses and of course coloured lenses if you want to totally change the way you look.

It is very important that we see you at regular intervals, essential at least once a year, to monitor your progress, examine your eyes and check your contact lenses.